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Housing Advice - References and guarantors
It is likely that you will need a reference to let a property. Most students have yet to build up a credit history to provide the kind of references that agents prefer. Some agents may settle for a letter from a previous landlord or employer, or a bank statement showing proof of funds and written proof that you are an enrolled student. If not, the agent or landlord may well ask you if a parent will act as your guarantor (this person must be UK-based).
What is a guarantor?A guarantor is someone willing to be responsible for payment of your rent or damage if you don’t pay it. Your guarantor needs to be sure they limit their responsibility to only your share of the rent or damage and not for the whole house. If you do not have a UK-based guarantor, the agent or the landlord could ask you to pay more rent in advance. It is common to pay between 3 and 6 months’ rent in advance. We would advise not to pay more than 6 months.
Our guarantor schemeThe College's Rent Guarantor Scheme reopens again in April 2019. The College will act as a legal guarantor for students renting in the private sector who are not able to provide a suitable UK guarantor.
The online scheme, managed by the Student Hub, is open to all returning undergraduate students (first years already have guaranteed accommodation in halls of residence), and will allow successful applicants to rent any property up to the value of £250 a week per person.
Please note a £60 (inc. VAT) non-refundable administration fee applies per submitted application. 

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