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London's diversity makes it an exciting place to live. Each area has a unique character so you’ll need to think about what’s important to you. Below are a few things to consider when deciding where to live in London. 
Questions to ask yourself
  • Do you like the hustle and bustle of the city or would a quieter, more suburban area suit you better?
  • What’s your budget?
  • Does the area feel safe?
  • Does the area feel safe?.
  • Is the house in a convenient location? 
  • How will you get to College and how long will it take? 
  • Is there good public transport nearby?
  • Does your route involve a long walk?
  • Would you be comfortable walking far at night/in bad weather?
  • Does the area have good facilities such as bars, restaurants, takeaways, cinemas and supermarkets?
Useful tips
  • Practice your commute from the areas you're most interested in and time how long it takes to get to College
  • As a group visit the area when it’s dark to make sure you feel safe
  • Shopping at the local corner shop or mini supermarket can be expensive so it’s worth seeing which supermarkets are nearby
  • Pick up our Area Guide from the Student Hub, for more detailed information about the areas of London popular with Imperial students.

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